In the field of telecommunication TRANSISTEL NUSANTARA handles from the engineering design, supply up to installation, testing and commissioning:

1. Transmission System and Services
- Microwave Terrestrial, Fiber Optic System and Multiplexer
- Satellite System as VSAT and Multiplexer

2. GSM Telephone Cellular System and Services
- Self Supporting Tower constructions and Mechanical Electrical
- Site Accusations
- Network Benchmarking/ Drive test
- Installation, Testing and Commissioning
- BTS Support Facilities Maintenance
- Power Supply System
- Micro-cell, Pico-cell, Indoor and Outdoor Repeater

3. Data communication System and Services
- Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)
- Packet switching, Frame Relay
- Radio data Network and Wireless Modem

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