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The expert staff of TRANSISTEL NUSANTARA have the experience in the field of engineering design, installation and operation of telecommunication systems like microwave radio transmission, optical fiber systems, VSAT, multiplex, TDMA radio, radio Trunking, telephone exchanges, PABX, construction of towers and so on. While in the field of data communication and computer networks, our experts are also experienced from the engineering design, installation of Local Area Networks (LANs) (like Ethernet, FDD up to the operation system. Likewise with the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)(like the switching packages, voice and data multiplexing, SNA/SDLC networking, Bridging/Routing and so on).

Considering our experience in this era of high technology telecommunication, TRANSISTEL NUSANTARA can implement the engineering design for short term as well as long-term projects. .

Besides that TRANSISTEL NUSANTARA also participated in the engineering design of mobile telephones with the involvement in the survey for locations of BTS, installations and test commissioning of telephone cellular systems (GSM) by PT. TELKOMSEL for the JABOTABEK area, during the preparation stage as well as in the engineering design of that project.

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